Ken Perry Law Firm, LLC Convenes Outreach Program for High School Students Interested in Legal Careers

Continuing its commitment to community service and stewardship, Ken Perry Law Firm, LLC is preparing to convene the “Pathfinders Academy,” a program designed to introduce high school students, particularly those from underrepresented backgrounds, to the legal profession. The Firm will choose high school students from local schools to participate in the 2019 Pathfinders Academy. (The first academy was held last year.) Upon completion of the program requirements, the Firm will award each student a certificate and stipend. Additionally, one student who excels in the program, including an oratorical contest addressing a relevant legal-related topic, will receive a one-week paid internship with the Firm.

The Pathfinders Academy participants will convene on four consecutive Thursday afternoons at Ken Perry Law Firm, LLC, where they again will have the opportunity to interact with judges, lawyers, law students and business people from the community, and they will also tour the various courts in the downtown area. The students will learn about the requirements, benefits, and responsibilities relevant to practicing law, as well as key historical legal figures, both nationally and at the state level.

The Firm continues to believe it is important to extend its program into the high school ranks as part of a comprehensive effort to ensure that those students know that the legal profession is a career option available to them. Findings from organizations such as the American Bar Association, Minority Corporate Counsel Association, National Association for Law Placement and others continue to suggest many young people still believe legal careers are beyond their reach. Indeed, recent data suggests that among African-American lawyers, especially those purporting to represent institutions and corporations, representation in the profession is either stagnant or even declining in many locations.

Students interested in the program should send a resume (including activities and grade point average) and cover letter to the following address no later than March 1, 2019:

Ms. Linda Paul
Ken Perry Law Firm, LLC 1615
Financial Center 505 20th Street
North Birmingham, AL 35203

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